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Marriage. That Blessed Arrangement, that Dream within a Dream...

" An excellent MC is more than music, announcements, and a professional set up. They offer more than entertainment. The truly good ones have an unteachable talent and the creativity to turn one special night into something forever fantastic! "

Planning and preparing for your wedding day is such an exciting time. Your day should be filled with that same excitement and satisfaction both in the moment, and as you look back at it. With a great MC; your wishes are understood, your mood will be right, your guests will be taken care of, and your party will be great. This is the most impactful part of your day, as it shapes everything else that goes on.

What do you wish to remember as the highlight of your wedding? I've been helping to honor romances with parties designed "as you wish" for over a decade. I love to bring my background together with your vision to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience; one that you will appreciate just as much in memory as you will in the moment. The magic is real... it just takes hard work and know-how!

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